Poker Run July, 7 Starts at The Place - 2377 Medina Road, Medina at 9:00 a.m.

Bikers Against Heroin USA
  • Bikers Against Heroin USA

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    About Us

    Public Awareness

    Our local chapters promote their events through work hard to bring supporters together drawing media attention to the fact that people do care about the opioid epidemic in the country. We advocate real help for those who want it, in part, by administering our own beneficiary programs.

    Charitable Contributions

    We are a 501(c)(3) organization. We raise funds through the combined efforts of our affiliate chapter events, sponsorship and charitable contributions and from businesses and individual supporters.

    Local Chapters

    We assist others in forming new Bikers Against Heroin chapters to become part of our national coalition. We make it cost efficient and easy to do it right.

    The chapters are a separate entity but in close affiliation with Bikers Against Heroin U.S.A.

    Beneficiary Programs

    The Ride Free Program

    We partner with several other organizations who assist clients in applying for assistance through The Ride Free Program. This program provides first time rehab clients with transportation to any qualified rehabilitation facility in the continental United States. As soon as they secure placement, we assist them with transportation to the facility within 48-hours.

    The Check In & Change Up Program

    Although not currently funded; This program will soon provide the placement and care that we currently coordinate with other organizations. Immediate local placement is seldom available to the client. We will negotiate for reduced costs and cover the cost gap between insurance coverage or pay for the entire cost depending of various factors.

    The Stay On Course Program

    Although not currently funded; After rehabilitation many clients have to start their lives over. Many of them believe they cannot do so from their previous home environment. Often having lost their home and job, relocation and continued support is the only long term solution. We assist with the costs of relocation and getting the client's life stabilized.

    Contact Us

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    Bikers Against Heroin USA

    P.O. Box #71, Lodi, Ohio, United States



    Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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